As The Churches Turn

This morning I happened on the blog of local photojournalist Greg Pearson and saw the following picture in a post entitled “Black Churches:”

The stained glass in the background and the steep wooden roof looked familiar, and sure enough, the picture is from a service at Bondage to Freedom Church, in the same building that used to house the very white Morningside Baptist Church, a member of which I was for years and at which many significant events in my life – baptisms, marriages, funerals – occurred.

At one time MBC was a happening place, but in a local example of a familiar pattern, the neighborhood changed while the church remained the same. By the end the sanctuary was at maybe ten per cent of capacity for a typical Sunday service. MBC sold the building to Bondage to Freedom and moved out to Southern Hills where they are now Kingston Road Baptist Church and located in the old Brookwood Baptist Church, whose former occupants now have a fancy new campus at the intersection of I-49 and Bert Kouns.

The sanctuary now occupied by Bondage to Freedom has a special meaning for me and many others. I may never enter it again, mostly because I’m now Catholic, but also because the folks with whom I worshiped as part of Morningside are no longer there, nevertheless it’s good to see someone making a full and obviously joyful use of that great old building.

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One Comment on “As The Churches Turn”

  1. Himself Says:

    This sense of place, and the history and the stories that connect you to where you live, are what I was hoping you would find with your move back to S’port. It’s something else to teach the babies.

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