Race Problem, What Race Problem?

Where in the world would anyone ever get the idea that southerners in general and Louisianan’s in particular are still a bunch of sorry racists?

Today’s paper, maybe? Specifically, the comments to this story in today’s S’port Times about declining enrollment in one of S’port’s black schools. Thus far, there are only five comments. They  start with this invitation:

The reasons are in front of your face. No one wants to say it because they will be tagged as a racist.

And that tag is justified:

Why do the children of black families earning more than $70000 a year do worse academically (and have lower I.Q’s) than the children of whites and asians earning $10000 or less per year? Haitian blscks have been free of any white yoke since 1806 yet Haiti has evolved to be the armpit of the world. In contrast japan was bombed flat during WWII and has no natural resources, is now one of the most affluent countries.
The mean I.Q. of Haiti is less than 80, that of japan greater than 100. if the iq test is somehow flawed, then come up with a test for geared towards blacks and make whites take it along with blacks and see what the scores are. ill bet if you teach poor people from vietnam or korea for a short time they will test better then poor blacks who have been here longer. it’s genetic not financial.

If you think I’m being unfair, consider this one:

the race is
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dumb as rocks, and there’s not much that can be done about it. and believe it or not..i feel for them and the hand full that can do, believe me, will do..

Of course I’m not saying that all southerners are racists. That would be simplistic and stupid. But it’s just as stupid to pretend that we don’t have a race problem anymore.

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One Comment on “Race Problem, What Race Problem?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Damn, Wheeler, the comments are getting worse. There’s one guy railing about “welfare broodmares” and “third world thugs”. His solution is to re-segregate schools. It is amazing what people will say when they believe they’re safely anonymous.

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