Back In Business

O.K., the delay was longer than I intended, but it’s done. Hence forth, I will be regularly posting again. I’m even considering a co-blogger.

Now, for the first teacher post.

When the the kids got to class today, they found on the board a couple of simple questions about the subject of yesterday’s lesson. They were allowed to use their notes to find the answer. The main purpose of the questions was to create an easy and quick way to review yesterday’s lesson before moving to today’s topic. A secondary purpose was to give them some easy points, what with report cards coming in another week or so.

The first question drew the most interesting responses. The question was “Name two delegates to the Constitutional Convention.” I had given them a list of the more prominent delegates, including Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington. Any two would have been fine. This seems like a cut and dry, right or wrong, objective question, right? All they had to do was check their notes and put the answer down. Well, consider these actual answers:

George W. and Jimmy M.


Franklin Benjamin and James Hamilton

My first thought was that these aren’t the words I gave them, so all of these answers are wrong. Then again, the authors might have understood the ideas, but used a different way of expressing the idea than I did. That is, what the author meant by “George W.” was the same thing I meant by “George Washington.” Using the fact that this was supposed to be a chance for easy points as the tie-breaker, I settled on the latter idea, and gave credit for “George W.” “Jimmy M.” and Franklin Benjamin. The rest struck me more as the result of a desperate groping through a foggy mind.

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One Comment on “Back In Business”

  1. Sara Says:

    I haven’t even read this post yet, but YAY for Wheeler’s return!

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