Yes, There Is Such A Thing As A Stupid Question

Quite a few of them, in fact. Some are so dumb that the kids in my classes are prohibited from asking them.

Our school has this silly thing called bulldog bucks. They’re points the kids get for being good, or lose for being bad, and which they can use to buy stuff, like the freedom to wear non-uniform clothes on certain days. Losing them isn’t a big enough deal to deter serious misbehaviors, but it works for little annoyances, like the aforementioned stupid questions. What follows is a list of questions the asking of which will cost bulldog bucks:

a.    Can I have a pen/pencil?
b.    Can I sharpen my pencil?
c.    Can I have some paper?
d.    Can I have some money?
e.    Can I have some tissue?
f.    Can you adjust the classroom temperature?
g.    What time is it?
h.    How much time is left in class?
i.    What are we doing in class today?
j.    How many more notes are we going to take?
k.    Can I go to (the bathroom, the office, Mr. or Ms. Whoever’s room)?

The reason these are stupid questions is that the students ought to already know the answer or else do not need an answer. A,c,d, and e are all their responsibility. I have no control over f. There is a time for b, but not during class. Ditto k. G, h, and i are irrelevant to the learning process.

The reason I penalize them for asking the questions is to prevent wastes of time. They know the answer, so there is no purpose for the question. All it does is distract everyone from the lesson. Hence, I don’t want them asked.

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5 Comments on “Yes, There Is Such A Thing As A Stupid Question”

  1. Easy killer. Calm down a little, breath.

  2. wheeler Says:

    oh they gripe about it and call me mean, but . . .

    1) that’s sort of the persona i’m shooting for, and

    2) they don’t annoy me with the dumb questions anymore.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Re: K, there’s an intestinal virus going around. I hope no one pukes on you. Or worse. 🙂

  4. wheeler Says:

    about K, i won’t always say no, i just want them to have to pay a price for asking. otherwise everyone always asks. this limits it to kids who really have an urge.

  5. […] such thing as a stupid question, but anyone who parrots that line is pretty naive. I’ve got my own list of dumb questions. That guy’s question tonight? Stupid. It’s an education class; they aren’t for […]

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