Yes! Congress Overrode A Veto!

I really don’t care about the bill, or even the political significance of the override. What excites me is that it happened just as we’re studying the legislative branch, bills becoming laws, checks and balances and the like. Thus, I have a great way to do like all the educational folks say you ought to do and make my subject relevant to today’s news, by getting the kids to read an article about the override and then answer some questions.

Of course, even though the bill will benefit Louisiana, this is not a very exciting story. It was just a blandly named spending bill. Still, I think the kids will be interested, if for no reason other than the story makes Dubya look bad.

I have been truly shocked at how much the kids in my classes are in agreement that George W. Bush is a completely incompetent moron. They all hate him. So when we read the article about the veto, I’m sure I’ll have to work hard to keep the class on task, rather than veering off into a group bash of Bush.

These are seventh graders, so I know they are probably channelling their parents, rather than expressing their own opinions. Yet that only makes the dislike more amazing. I don’t teach in some upper class fancy pants urban northeastern school. I teach in a poor, rural, uneducated, fundamentalist town in the very deep south. In other words, in what ought to be a Republican stronghold. And it may be – there were plenty of Jyndal stickers around for the Goober election – but even if it is, these folks detest Dubya.

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One Comment on “Yes! Congress Overrode A Veto!”

  1. Doesn’t everybody?

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