Am I That Old? Or Is Radio That Bad?

It’s probably a bit of both, though I am only 28, but lately I’ve found myself listening to and enjoying the John Tesh Radio Show. The music is sort of bland eighties and nineties pop stuff, and the DJ compliments it with bland pop psychology. Still, it’s a nice alternative to the same ten songs played by the standard issue musically ignorant middle-aged-but-still-trying-to-party-like-a-college-kid dufus featured on the rock stations.

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6 Comments on “Am I That Old? Or Is Radio That Bad?”

  1. Micah Tillman Says:

    Makes you feel nostalgic, does it?

  2. Jackie Says:

    28 Huh! If my memory serves me right, I believe that number should be a little
    older. That bland music you have been listening to is killing your brain cells. Watch
    out. The next thing you know, Sesame Street and Barney will finish the job. Cheers.

  3. Greenshirt Says:

    “Tomorrow Never Knows,” REVOLVER: Play LOUD! Take that, John Goosh!

  4. Wife Says:

    28. Yeah. The question is, how many times have you turned 28, Wheeler?

  5. Mom Says:

    Mom knows the truth! However, it is your Birthday and you are entitled to dream. Enjoy.

  6. I am 23 and the problem is that most music that is shoved down our throats on the radio sucks anyway.

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