One More Room To Go

And then I’ll be done with the painting.

My kids will never be able to say of me as my wife could say of her dad, that he built their house with his own hands. But hey, I have painted just about all of its 2,200 square feet my own dang self. In so doing, I’ve probably spent five hundred bucks on the paint. (I borrowed all the equipment from a buddy who told me I could use whatever I wanted so long as I did not ask him to help.) Over three weekends plus today and tomorrow, the total time spent working is about 52. Due to those hours, I’ve missed about 250 miles of bike rides.

Would I do it again? Probably.

Leaving the house as-is was not an option. All but two rooms were completely white; a flat and very dingy white with all the warmth of your average weekly rate hotel room. The non-white rooms were gawd-awful wallpaper and vintage seventies wood panelling.  Hideous.

So the only question was do it myself or hire someone. I think I made the right call. Money wise, I’m wayyyy ahead of what it would have cost to get someone to do it. Time is money, too, of course. But even as much as I hate painting, my time isn’t worth enough to justify paying someone else to do the job. A pro would have done a much better job. But again, not better enough for me to have hired one. And I get that manly feeling of satisfaction that comes with working on your own house.

Now I get to tackle the floors.

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