Small World

Yesterday morning, we met one of Jenny’s friends for breakfast here in Shreveport. The friend is from Wyoming. Jenny is from Tupelo. They met in Boston. She was one of Jenny’s bridesmaids at our wedding in Arkansas, but that was actually the last time they had seen each other. The friend is married and works as a lobbyist in D.C. Neither Jenny nor I had ever met the husband. They also have a six month old baby, who was wearing a New York Mets hat, which I, a Mets fan, commended. Thereupon, the following conversation took place:

Friend’s husband (inquisitively, somewhat surprised that someone in Louisiana would follow the Mets): “Oh, you’re Mets fan?”

Me (answering the direct questions): “Yeah, unless they sign A-Rod, that is.”

Jenny (answering the unasked question): “He grew up in New Jersey.”

Friend’s husband: “Really. Where?”

Me: “Monmouth and Ocean Counties.”

Friend’s husband: “Get out, I grew up in Monmouth.”

Me: “No way, where?”

Friend’s husband: “Sea Girt, I went to Manasquan High School.”

Me: “No kidding? I did to.”

Friend’s Husband: “When were you there?”

Me: “I only went one year, but it was 1990-1991.”

Friend’s husband: “We went to high school together, my freshman year was 1989-1990, so I would have been a year ahead of you.”

Me: “Wow. This is weird.”

And it was. To start, the school was pretty small, couldn’t have been more than four hundred students. I only went for one year, too. So the pool of potential school mates into whom I could bump is pretty small. Then to do so in Shreveport, Louisiana? Unreal. Oh, and the reason they were in Shreveport in the first place? Jenny’s friend’s grandmother lives here, in of all places the same neighborhood in which we just bought a house. Like I said, weird.

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2 Comments on “Small World”

  1. Joe Murray Says:


    I am Jenni’s friend’s husband, the Met’s fan who went to high school with you.

    It is a small world. Great to meet you, Jenni, and your twins.

    See you in Shreveport sometime in the future. Come on up and visit us in DC anytime.


    Joe Murray

  2. Wheeler Says:

    we had a great time, too. hope you guys had a good trip back. maybe we’ll see ya’ll this summer.

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