Technology Gratis Technologi

I’m not a luddite; I have a blog, you know. And I frequently give my kids their notes via power point. To let them have a break from my voice, and provide better instruction, too, I like to show them videos from the internets on whatever topic we might be covering, though always with a guide for note-taking.

Still . . .

Every Thursday we have to submit our lesson plans for the next week on-line and on paper.

We have to maintain a paper grade book and an on-line gradebook. Not just print a back up hard copy every week, but maintain the two simultaneously. One handwritten the old school way, and one entered into the computer.

When absent, we have to use the on-line sub-finder and call the school. The on-line thing is a great organizer for a school with lots of teachers and lots of absences. We have less than twenty teachers, and we never had a problem finding subs with the old call it in method. The on line thing solved a problem we never had. And it costs money.

There’s also the joy of the tidlewave of often conflicting information delivered orally, by paper memo, and by e-mail. With no rule as to what takes priority when they disagree.

Today, we began the process of creating class forums on-line. This school is probably three quarters free lunch. Most of these kids do not have computers at home. Hence, they can’t access the forum. Even if they could, this is the same bunch that routinely miss questions on my tests even when I put the answers on the board during the test. Sometimes, in order to see if they pay attention to what I write on the board, during a test I will write underneath the daily objectives something like “the answer to 16 is b.” Large portions of the class always miss the question. So the same group that can’t be bothered to look up at the board for information is now going to log into a school forum and check for the day’s homework? Not.gonna.happen.

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