If Looks Could Kill . . .

Then the guy in class tonight who asked a question after the Prof said “That about does it, unless anyone has any questions” would be six feet under right now.  Really? Are you deaf, or just dumb? He just said WE CAN LEAVE unless anyone has questions. That means if you ask a question, we don’t get to leave. Nothing is important enough to justify extending class. Ask it on your own time, if you’re that desperate.

I don’t know who first said there is no such thing as a stupid question, but anyone who parrots that line is pretty naive. I’ve got my own list of dumb questions. That guy’s question tonight? Stupid. It’s an education class; they aren’t for learning, they’re for getting certified. Hence, the only goal is to get them done asap. For a similar reason, you could also add any question asked during a faculty meeting. Every second in the meeting is a wasted second. Don’t waste any more than necessary.

I’m being a bit of an ass, here, but still in every class, in every meeting, there’s always that one person who has to ask about everything. “Should we do that in pen, or pencil?” “Are we supposed to e-mail that to you and ‘cc’ to the assistant principal, or e-mail to the assistant principal and ‘cc’ to you.” “I know you probably said this while I was in the restroom, but . . . ”  “Wait, did you say the next meeting is at half past three, or at three-thirty?” Never fails. Nor does it ever fail to make me roll my eyes and audibly groan.

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2 Comments on “If Looks Could Kill . . .”

  1. Sara Says:

    Ooooh…I hate it when someone asks a question when the teacher’s finished teaching. I’m already sitting in class for almost 3 hours- the last thing I want is to extend that time by listening to someone ask for clarification about something that does. Not. Matter.

  2. Step Sister Says:

    lol… we have a couple people at my work like that. Our IT meetings went from 25 minutes to 2 hours when “those people” were added to the IT meeting. Hence, I stopped going to the meetings 🙂

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