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Some “Divisive And Destructive Rhetoric”

December 2, 2007

I swear there must be committees in the SBC and in all the local Baptist conventions whose only job is to figure out ways to make Baptists look like complete morons. (H/T Dan).

If the occasionally mean spirited rhetoric of bloggers is the reason they oppose blogging, I hope they also condemned talk radio, cable news, newspapers and Al Mohler.

Oh yeah, Jesus, too, who once said: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” He could be destructive sometimes, as well. Then again, the SBC already condemned him for being a drunk, so I guess it would be superfluous.

BCS = Arbitrary And Capricious

December 2, 2007

The constitution’s guarantee of due process protects all of us from arbitrary and capricious government actions. Unfortunately, there is no similar protection for college football fans.

Really, other than Ohio State, there is no rational way to choose which among the top ten teams in the country ought to be playing for the national title. West Virginia and Missouri both lost their second games last night. The team that was right behind them, Georgia, also has two losses and did not even win its conference, the SEC. ACC champs Virginia Tech? Two losses plus they got spanked by SEC champ LSU, who also has two losses (and several very narrow victories), one of them just last week. Big Twelve winners Oklahoma? Lost to unranked Colorado and unranked Texas Tech. USC? Stop me if this sounds familiar, but they have two losses. What about Kansas, they’ve only got one loss. Yes, but it was last week, they did not even reach their own conference’s championship game, and they played the weakest schedule of any top ten team.

There is one undefeated team: Hawaii is 11-0. But because they don’t play in a BCS conference, they are not going to play Ohio State for the national title. Like I said, “arbitrary and capricious.”

Really, everyone can debate this as much as we want, but it’s like Justice Scalia once said of similarly multi-factored and subjective standards, once you reach a conclusion “it is always possible to disagree with such judgments and never to refute them.” The folks in charge of choosing the teams for the championship game ought to save themselves a lot of time and energy and just choose the teams the same way law professors grade final exams: Put the teams names on paper, throw the papers down the stairs, and whoever makes it the farthest wins.