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It’s Saturday Morning And I’m Not Working On My House

December 8, 2007

Instead, for the first time in over a month, I’m going for a bike ride. (In shorts and a short sleeve jersey. On December the 8th.).

It isn’t because I’m done with the house, or because I’ve decided to slack, it’s because I surrendered and paid someone else to refinish the floors. Despite this apparent failure of manliness on my part, I don’t feel too bad about it. My plan was to do the floors myself, but several things combined to change my mind.

First, was time. Painting the house took a LOT longer than I thought it would. Mostly because I had little to no assistance, as everyone I had expected to help had major projects on their own houses. If I’d tried to do the floors myself, by the time I finished and let the floors sit long enough to handle traffic, we would be getting veryclose to the deadline for us to be out of our current rental, which is also the end of my Christmas break. I want to be in the house at the beginning of the break, so we can spend the rest of it settling in; I definitely don’t want to be rushing to move in on the last weekend of the break, so that I’m living out of boxes during school.

Second, this house used to have floor furnaces for heat. Now it has central, but when they switched it, they just pulled out the grates for the three floor furnaces and covered the holes with plywood. In other words, there are three 2′ x 3′ spots on the floor where instead of hardwood floors, it’s plywood. That is certainly a fixable problem; you just pull the plywood out and patch the holes with flooring to match the rest of it. That, however, is a job far beyond my carpentry knowledge and skills.

Third, in addition to refinishing the floors, I would have had to replace all the quarter round molding that connects the baseboards to the floor. This I could do, but it would have been extremely tedious, and I doubt I’d have finished it any time soon.

Fourth, I admit it, by the time I got done painting, I was ready for someone else to do the work. Working all week and then having two ten hour days on the weekends is really exhausting and I was ready to quit.

Finally, the price was right. We’re getting the floor sanded and refinished, the quarter rounds throughout the house, and the holes patched all for about $2.25 a square foot. At that price, I’ll still have enough money left to buy my plasma t.v.

Anyway, it ought to be done Monday. Though my wallet will be lighter, and I’ll feel a little less handy, I have no regrets because right now, I’m going to ride.