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About Those Patriots (And Dolphins)

December 9, 2007

A couple of thoughts while watching the Pats spank the Steelers.

One, can anyone remember the last time anyone who guaranteed a win actually ended up winning the game? Really, as soon as I’d heard that Steelers db Anthony Smith had guaranteed a win against New England, I almost put money on the Pats. So old, so predictable.

Two, now that New England is 13-0, and the current version of the only team to ever go undefeated – the Miami Dolphins – is 0-13, I can’t decide which of the following scenarios would be cooler:

  1. Miami ends up 0-16, and Pats end up 16-0, so that not only does Miami lose their status as the only team to ever have an undefeated season, in the same year, they become the only team to fail to win a game. What a kick in the teeth that would be.
  2. Miami ends up 0-16, and the Pats lose to either the Jets or Giants (two of their three remaining opponents) so that the Fish can claim the best and worst seasons ever.
  3. Miami, New England’s other remaining opponent, beats New England when they play in two weeks, simultaneously saving their good place in history and avoiding the bad one.

Whatever happens, though, I’m really not looking forward to watching the Pats destroy my Giants in the last week of the regular season.