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Back To Work

December 15, 2007

Had last weekend off; this weekend, it’s back to the house. I’m not that depressed, though, for several reasons. First, the weather is awful – 40’s and rain – so I may as well be indoors. And the kids are sick, so I may as well be indoors somewhere other than home. Second, I can see the end of the job. All I’ve got left to do is the kitchen and family room floors, and because school lets out for the holiday next Wednesday, in addition to this weekend, I’ll have half the day Wednesday, all day Thursday, and all day Friday to work on them. If all goes well (which it won’t, but still) we ought to be moving next weekend. Finally, the hardwood guys finished their job on Thursday. That means while I work today, I can stop every once and a while to stare rapturously at our beautiful oak floors.