In Which I Talk About The Weather

I would say Shreveport is like hell in the summer, but hell is a dry heat. Plus, all that fire and brimstone prevents mosquitoes. So the weather here come July and August is about as bad as it gets.

Yesterday, though, was sunny with a high of about seventy. Today will be about the same. Perfect weather. I just took the dog for her morning walk and I was wearing shorts and flip flops.

That’s unusually warm, but not that much so. We generally get very nice weather from October through April. September, May and June are hit or miss, and like I said, July and August are miserable. All in all, I think, that’s a pretty good arrangement. Better than snow on Easter, anyway.

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3 Comments on “In Which I Talk About The Weather”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hey – was that a shot at the great northeast?

  2. Greenshirt Says:

    I fell on the snow/ice in the driveway getting to the car on my way to work yesterday. It was just another part of the morning routine: wake, brush teeth, shower, dress, fall down…you get used to it.

  3. wheeler Says:

    according to the news, we had about a .000005 % chance of ice the other night. accordingly, at one intersection in town, the city dumped about two truckloads of sand. no ice ever developed, but you now get to experience baha right here at the intersection of youree and east kings.

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