Post-Potter Blues

I’m not depressed about the end of the Holidays. I’d be perfectly happy without Christmas, I’m too old to enjoy New Year’s Eve, the BCS has ruined New Year’s Day, and I still have several more days before I go back to work, anyway.

I am depressed, though, about finishing Harry Potter. I’m sure I’ll read the series again, especially when my kids get old enough. We still have the last two movies, too. But still, it’s tough to say good bye.

In addition, now I don’t know what to read next.

I’ve ruled out anything that might be good, as no matter the merits of the work, it’ll be a let down after finishing Harry Potter. I had a similar experience with the Lord of the Rings, in particular, the Return of the King movie. The next movie we saw was Troy, and to this day all I can say about it was that I’m sure it was a good movie, but it was just too soon after Return of the King.

I considered non-fiction, but in addition to my usual reasons for avoiding that type of book – it will always quickly become dated, and I got enough useless information in school – that would be way too harsh of a return to reality. Like returning to school from the holidays and taking a test in your first class.

I finally decided on something totally worthless. Nothing memorable about characters, plot, or language. No pretenses. Just a mindlessly entertaining story, even if it is as predictable as it is vapid. A James Patterson novel.

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2 Comments on “Post-Potter Blues”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Check out a YA novel called TUNNELS, which is apparently being touted as the “next” Harry Potter. Already making a splash in England and due to be published here on this side of the pond later this month. And have you read Philip Reeves’ MORTAL ENGINES? Good stuff…

  2. wheeler Says:

    hmmm, they sound interesting, which is why i’ll wait to read them until i’m fully over harry, ron, hermione, etc. anything i read right now is going to end up as a rebound thing, so it’s best to recognize that and pick something that is designed and expected to be nothing but a quick, cheap thrill.

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