It’s Not The Mercedes Marathon . . .

But to keep from feeling too depressed around the time that event occurs, I may go do the Run the Line half in Texarkana. Until I did four miles yesterday, I had not run at all since probably last October. Then I did 6.5 today. The times were slow, but I was pushing fifty pounds of babies in the jogger, and I felt great after both, so even with a rushed training schedule, I ought to do o.k. Not gonna set a personal record, but I shouldn’t embarrass myself, either.

The best part is that if I train by running with the babies, in addition to the extra resistance, I don’t even have to feel guilty about running after work instead of spending time with the family. Far from it, I’m treated as a wonderful husband and father, who spends time with his kids AND gives momma time to herself.

As for finding a 26.2 to replace the Mercedes, I’ve got two options: Dallas and Little Rock. Dallas is in early December, which is good because I won’t have to train while out of town for the holidays, but bad because I’ll have to start training in July. In Shreveport.  Ugh. Little Rock in in early March, which puts almost all the training in months when it’s too cold to ride the bike, but requires serious running through the holidays. Hmm, I guess I’ve got until July to make up my mind.

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