Kids Can Be Very Considerate Sometimes

All week, we’ve had folks from some independent group observing our school. Today was my day to be observed.

I talked to the lady at lunch yesterday, and told her if she wanted to see an interesting class, to come to mine during sixth period. (That’s the one I half jokingly refer to as the Angola prep class.) Instead, she showed up for my best class. That was stroke of luck number one.

The second bit of luck wasn’t even luck. These kids are great anyway, but they were stupendous today. Everyone came into class, sat down quietly and worked diligently as I wandered around checking on them and providing help. When I began the discussion of today’s topic (the first political parties) I had several volunteers for every question, and always eventually got the correct answer. They were so good that the observer told me as she left the class “I wish you had been my history teacher.”

I almost felt guilty, wanting to explain that even on a normal day, a trained monkey could teach that particular class. Then today, they were even better than usual. Why? Well, it isn’t because I told them that all these strange people in their classes this week were from the alternative school and were deciding who would be going there next year. I told them that after my class. No. I think it’s just because they understood what was happening and wanted to make their school look the best it could.

Anyway, I need to bring them some candy tomorrow as a reward.

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3 Comments on “Kids Can Be Very Considerate Sometimes”

  1. No!! Please don’t use the candy as a reward! They’ve got the intrinsic reward of making their school look great — why cheapen it with candy?

    I just posted about this:

  2. wheeler Says:

    didn’t use candy. mostly because i didn’t have a chance to go to the store, but partly because i wanted to encourage character for its own sake.

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