How Do People Get This Stupid?

Being a parent and a professional educator has not made me any more sympathetic to the kind of lunacy exhibited by the petty-minded control freak parents and administrators in this story:

Matthew Lopez-Widish hasn’t cut his curly brown hair in four years, and he doesn’t plan to despite an ultimatum from high school administrators.

A few days before Christmas break at Kerens High School, about 15 miles east of Corsicana [TX] in a tiny town known as the birthplace of Big Tex, the straight-A student and at least four other students were called into the principal’s office.

Cut your hair by the time you return to school in January or be sent to alternative school, be removed from all extracurricular activities and risk not graduating, Matthew said the principal and assistant principal told him.

That is just stunningly foolish. One, the article tells us the kid is a straight A student. Two, if he’s going to be banned from graduating, then we can assume he’s on track to graduate right now. Three, if they’re going to ban him from extracurriculars, then he must be actively participating in them right now. In short, this kid is an excellent student with interests that stretch beyond the classroom who will soon graduate at the top of his class.

But he has long hair. So he needs to go to the same school as the crack dealers, gangsters, and pregnant twelve year olds. That makes sense.

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3 Comments on “How Do People Get This Stupid?”

  1. mom Says:

    You really need to pick your fights…..and hair isn’t one of them.

  2. Joe Says:

    Bloggers get to fight on all levels, and we pick lots of them. Hair is important. I grew up in the sixties, and while I didn’t fight for my hair rights, my brother sure did. Berry High School.

  3. Ed Says:

    The principal knows this is a good student (a straight-A student) and he wants him to get ahead in the world. The principal knows from bitter personal experience that the way to get ahead in the world of Corsicana, Texas, is to conform. The kid has to look like everyone else. So the principal assumes that the same rule applies everywhere. Get a haircut, kid. Oh, and while you’re at it, lose some of those weird ideas.

    Weird idea #1 — that you have rights.
    Weird idea #2 — that you may think for yourself.

    Get in the box with everyone else, kid.

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