48-24 Patriots

That – Giants fan though I be – is my prediction for the game. I’m not even playing mind games with myself, keeping expectations low so as to prevent disappointment. Nor is this a reaction to all the silly “Eli comes of age” columns and commentary that have appeared in the last few weeks. Nope. I honestly think the Giants have no chance. The reason is pretty simple, too.

I keep thinking about 1990, when the Giants were something like 10 point underdogs to the Bills but won the Super Bowl. Or back in 2001 when the Patriots were double digit underdogs when they beat the Rams for their first title. I want to hope. The difference between then and now, though, is that Bill Bellichick was on the underdog’s side in each of those upsets, as the Giants defensive coordinator and then the Pats head coach. Now, of course, he’s the leader of the bad guys.

And that – Bill Bellichick on the Pats sideline – is why I think the Patriots dump the Giants. Yeah, the Giants came thisclose to beating the Patriots on the last weekend of the regular season. But who do you think is more likely to have created something different this time? Tom Coughlin? Or Bill Bellichick?

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One Comment on “48-24 Patriots”

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