O.K., Here’s A Some Rational Thoughts About The Super Bowl

First, hands down, greatest upset ever. Sure, other teams were bigger underdogs: The Jets in Super Bowl III and the Patriots in 20o1. But in no other game was the matchup so clearly good v. evil. Eli hitting Plaxico was Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star, Rocky knocking out Ivan Drago, Jake Taylor sliding safely into first base, G Wash at Yorktown, or, as the title to my earlier post suggested, USA Hockey 4, Soviet Union 3.

Second, I’d say Eli was Montana-esque, or Elway-esque, but he was better. Elway never led a drive like Eli did in a Super Bowl. Montana led the 49’ers on a similar game winning drive in 1988 against the Bengals, but the Niners were supposed to win that game. Eli was a two touchdown underdog needing a touchdown with less than three minutes to go. This was sui generis.

Third, at the end of last year, I was openly rooting for my own team to lose, so that Tom Coughlin would get fired and Eli traded. Now? Not so much.

Fourth, on the subject of pessimism, I was most certain the Giants would lose when I saw the teams enter the field. Brady had the eye of the tiger. Eli looked like he was amazed just to be there. So much for psychoanalysis.

Fifth, I first began to believe the Giants would win after the crazy sequence when they stopped the Pats on third down, only to have twelve men on the field for the punt, giving the Patriots a second chance. When the Giants held again, I though, “Holy s**t, this could really happen.” Immediately after that play, I went to the fridge to get another beer, and almost grabbed a Sam Adams. Then I thought, “Wait, I can’t drink a beer made in Boston. Not now.” In other words, I’d abandoned all pretenses to rationality and become a true fan again. So I grabbed a Turbo Dog. After the game, though, I enjoyed me some Sam Adams. Victory, baby!

Sixth, guy for whom I’m most happy: Michael Strahan. Not only a career long Giant and a hall of fame defender, but one of the few guys in the NFL you can count on responding to interview questions with something other than mindless cliches.

Seventh, how many children born in the New York metro area in the next six months are going to be named Plaxico, Eli, or Tyree?

Eighth, how long was the TD to Buress in the air? And if it seemed like fifteen minutes to me, how long did it seem to Buress?

Ninth, I can not wait to read the next Bill Simmons column. (Background here, and here).

Tenth, how about all those shots of Peyton cheering on Eli? That was awesome.

Eleventh, again, “Do You Believe In Miracles?”

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