Bye, Bye Cable Company

When we moved to Shreveport last June, we decided to get our cable, phone, and internet all through the cable company – Comcast. I didn’t like having one company control all three, but the price was right. Then we called to get our cable hooked up, and were told they did not have service in our area. I was told this as I was looking at the cable wire running from the pole to my house, and at the outlets in the house which the previous tenant had used to watch cable t.v. After convincing them that yes, they did serve my area, it still took almost two weeks for them to get around to turning it on. Anyway, I figured that if they were too incompetent to understand their supposed area of expertise, no way I was trusting them with the phone and internet.

Fast forward six months, when we decided to give them another chance. This Thursday was supposed to be the day of the switch. Then the cable went out last Friday. They promised to have it back on by 5:00 PM Friday. So we hung out and waited. No one showed. So we called back, and they said, “Oh, sorry, we were busy, someone will be there by 8:00 PM.” So we hung out and waited. No one showed. Next call it was “Very sorry, someone will be there between 8:00 and 12:00 Saturday morning.” Guess what? No show again. Next time we called, they denied having ever even heard about our problem, and said it would be sometime Monday. Keep in mind that it isn’t like you pick up the phone and talk to a person, first you have to enter about a hundred different numbers, then wait on hold for almost an hour, then you get to talk to someone who is at best clueless, and at worst condescending and hostile. Between the phone calls and waiting around, we wasted a good bit of the weekend.

Long story short, not only are we not going to get the cable-phone-internet bundle, we’re going satellite. Comcastic my a**.

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3 Comments on “Bye, Bye Cable Company”

  1. Dan Says:

    THANK YOU. I hate Comcast.

  2. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    Lucky you. My apartment management forces Comcast on me so I can’t leave them. That company is in league with the devil.

  3. […] guessing we are not the only ones to have had bad experiences with that bunch of morons.  This was just one of our problems: When we moved to Shreveport last June, we decided to get our cable, […]

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