“Cracker Ass Bi**h?” Or “A Real Asset To The School?”

The former is what one of my students called me yesterday as he threw his books and a few desks on the way out of class. The latter is what an external consultant called me today after observing one of my classes.

You really have to be an even keeled person to do this job.

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4 Comments on ““Cracker Ass Bi**h?” Or “A Real Asset To The School?””

  1. Steph Says:

    Even keeled – that’s you. Congrats.

  2. Joe Says:

    Wow. You must have really pissed the kid off. No, you wouldn’t do that.

    I hope he at least had to straighten up the room. That’s what I do whenver I throw chairs around.

  3. Darrell Says:

    I just found you, and there’s no e-mail address for you. We seem to post about similar subjects. I’m going to link to your blog from my page. Cheers. http://rebouche.blogspot.com

  4. Wheeler Says:

    cool, thanks, i’ll check yours out.

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