Are You Smarter Than A Seventh Grader?

I’ve changed the format a bit. If you want to know whether your answer is correct or not, click on it. Wrong answers get a dunce, correct answers get a reward.

First, an easy answer if you follow college football.

Which of the following people was a leader of the Seminole Indians who helped them win several battles against the United States?

a. Osceola.
b. Sacagawea.
c. Tecumseh.
d. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

An odd fact that probably everyone remembers from school.

“Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too” referred to which two people?

a. Andrew Jackson and John Tyler.
b. James K. Polk and John Tyler.
c. William Henry Harrison and John Tyler.
d. William Henry Harrison and Stephen Tyler.

Requires knowledge and close attention to the question.

Which of the following people were Whig party members elected to be president?

a. Zachary Taylor.
b. William Henry Harrison.
c. John Tyler.
d. a and b
e. a, b, and c.

You ought to be on Jeopardy if you get this one.

Which of the following people was vice president during Andrew Jackson’s second term?

a. Martin van Buren.
b. Henry Clay.
c. Aaron Burr.
d. John Calhoun.

A bet more people get this right today than would have a year ago.

Which of the following was the founder of the Mormon Church?

a. Brigham Young.
b. Joseph Smith.
c. Mohammed.
d. Mitt Romney.

And finally, this week’s free points. I liked “b” but “c” was the winner by a large margin.

Which of the following would be the best name for a professional wrestler:

a. Osceola.
b. John “The Nullifier” Calhoun.
c. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.
d. “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too” (For a tag team).

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