I was running and running.

This morning, I decided to go for a little jog. I don’t run every day like I did when I was training for the Mercedes Half Marathon two years ago. I don’t even run every week. (These days, I’m lucky when I can run across our family room in time to keep Mac or Omi from falling off some new piece of furniture they’ve recently learned to scale.) I’ve never been a fast runner. As a matter of fact, I’m downright slow. When I was training for the half marathon, I trained at a 10-minute mile pace. I ran it a little faster than that, but every since about two weeks after the run, when I found out I was pregnant with twins, I’ve not run anything resembling a 10-minute mile. But today, that changed. I left for a 3 mile run at 11:30 and returned at 12:00. I almost kept running because I felt so good. Almost. 🙂

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2 Comments on “I was running and running.”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    You weren’t running in the snow, were you? It’s always good to hear from you on the Norla blog.

  2. Leigh & Char Says:

    run jenny run. check out our crib yo.

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