And I Thought The Bar Was A Racket

That is, I’ve always thought licensing attorneys serves no purpose other than stifling competition. I don’t have much respect for teacher licensing, either. However noble (or insulting?) the justifications – protecting ignorant client or parents or students – the ridiculous education and financial requirements just turn people away from the professions without doing anything to raise the quality of the profession. You still have incompetent, ignorant, and even a few evil lawyers and teachers, they just had to give the state money first.

But at least there is a theoretical justification for those laws. These? Not so much:

Louisiana’s unique-in-the nation florist licensing statute makes it illegal for anybody to arrange two or more types of flowers without passing a largely subjective state licensing exam. In theory, a child could face a fine for picking a bouquet of flowers and selling it at a roadside stand.

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