Well That Was A Pleasant Morning

I slept two hours too late to join the Saturday ride. Normally I set my alarm, but now that daylight savings is back – which means I get out of bed long before daylight during the week – I wanted to let the sun wake me up this morning. It did. It was very nice.

So I went for a solo ride. Not long, only 25 miles up through downtown, under 220 and around some big farms and then back the same way. Very nice weather; I think this was the first morning ride for which I could leave the arm warmers, long tights, and other winter clothing in the dresser and just wear shorts and a short sleeve jersey.

I rolled back into the neighborhood as the St. Patrick’s Day parade was about to start. The route goes right past the house, letting me watch it from the porch while I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee.

And the whole time I got to enjoy all the spring sights. As ubiquitous as they are, the bradford’s are still pretty when they bloom. The redbuds are going strong. My azaleas ought to open in the next day or two. Our dogwood bloomed Friday. Even the sycamores are starting to get leaves.

No doubt Shreveport is miserable in July and August, but it’s just as nice now.

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2 Comments on “Well That Was A Pleasant Morning”

  1. Greenshirt Says:

    I wish 25 miles was a short ride for me. I like how parades are always going by your front porch.

  2. wheeler Says:

    i don’t think i ever saw a parade anywhere in b’ham. now they’re going on all the time.

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