The DC Guns Case

As everyone is aware by now, Scotus hears oral arguments in the case today. You can follow it here. At issue, of course, and for the first time, is whether the second amendment confers a personal right to bear arms (and if so, how strong a right) or whether it’s just concerned with militias, leaving the federal and state governments free to ban almost anything gun related.

This case irritates me. Mostly because your average second amendment nut is all about government power when it comes to limiting free speech, or civil liberties, or due process protections in courts, or rights of minorities. But when it’s their precious right at stake, well, then the tune changes. Probably the only other time people like Dick Cheney are going to support the Constitution against the government is when the issue involves state or local agencies and Christians invoking the first amendment.

Me? “I don’t even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.” Still, as always, I will be rooting for the Constitution against the government.

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One Comment on “The DC Guns Case”

  1. […] have all the best coverage on this, too. I expressed my prior irritation with this case, here. I don’t own a gun, but I like the result. I just wish Scalia and the others in the majority […]

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