Lose Some, Win Some

We may have moved to the wrong state, but my change from lawyer to teacher doesn’t look too bad:

Are you working in a recession-proof business? Here is a list of industries expected to offer the best opportunities for job seekers during the predicted slump, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas.
Industry No. 1: Education

With more teachers retiring and an increasing number of students enrolling in grades K-12, the demand for skilled teachers is rising. The National Center for Education Statistics predicts that in the next eight years, 2.8 million teachers must join the existing 3.2 million teachers because of retirements, higher enrollment and teacher turnover

Strangely, it appears to me like those responsible for fixing the shortage are doing all they can to make teaching a less attractive career.

I love my job, but I am amazed at how much absolutely worthless crap you have to do just to be able to be in a classroom. It isn’t just a degree filled with totally useless education classes, it’s the duplicative state monitoring you undergo for the first two years and then after that the mandated wasted time at useless continuing education classes. Then once you’re in the class, you discover that thanks to more and more micromanagement from the Feds on down, you have less and less control over your own classroom. The majority of the content and procedures are already set for you. You spent all that time and energy learning to be a professional and end up being little more than an assembly line worker.

I’m exaggerating. But just a bit.

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