A busy week.

We’ve had a very busy few days with the babies. Some good and some not so good….

Just the other day, Mac got his first “boo-boo.” I was in the house, getting ready to join everyone else on the porch when I heard Mac scream, and then Wheeler came rushing past me with a very bloody little boy in his arms. My first response was, “Ohmygod – that’s my baby’s blood!” After a split-second hesitation, I followed them to the kitchen to clear out one side of the sink. With Mac sitting under the faucet, I rushed off to find the peroxide, band aids, and neosporin. Properly armed, we began searching Mac’s arms and hands and after a few minutes, located the cut on one of his fingers. While very small, it bled quite a bit and took several minutes before we were able to stop it. With everyone cleaned up and all the blood wiped off the floors, counters, and sink, Mac examined this thing attached to his finger. Omi tentatively touched it and said “boo-boo.” A small crisis averted, but one that still makes me nervous. No mom wants to see her child bleeding.

Later that same day, the whole family went to the Holiday in Dixie parade. We sat on the courthouse lawn and watched as the floats came closer and closer. After a few went past, and we discovered that every parade in Louisiana is an excuse to throw beads and candy, we decided to venture a little closer to enjoy the loot. Unfortunately, as we walked up to the side of the street, the Shriners drove by in their little cars. These guys really crack me up, but they did not have the same effect on Mac and Omi. They both clung to Wheeler and me, refusing to let go even when floats started throwing beads and chocolate candy. Even with nervous babies clinging to us, we had a blast (and got quite a few new beads, candy, and toys).

Yesterday, we drove to Aunt Alicia and Steph’s house to swim for the first time of the year. With the pool nearing 80 degrees, we strapped on swim diapers and dove in. Well, not quite. Mac and Omi were content to sit on the steps and splash in the water. When we tried to encourage them to go deeper, they climbed out. But, they did have a blast throwing water weights into the pool to see how far they could make Mommy swim to fetch them. They have me well trained. šŸ™‚ After some delicious grilled pork chops, we headed home where the babies (and Mommy) enjoyed their very first full night of sleep in over a week. Maybe we should go swimming every day. They did look awfully cute.

And today? Well, today is Friday. My day off. And since I’ve already cleaned house (and it’s still relatively clean), washed clothes, and bought groceries this week, it will truly be my day off. Ahhh. Glorious, Friday.

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