Yesterday It Was The Teachers, Today . . .

Absolutely hilarious:

A Pineville Police DARE officer arrested Wednesday reportedly made a drug deal with a police informant while on duty at Lessie Moore Elementary School in Pineville, officials said.

Raymond Smith, 37, of Pineville, was charged with conspiracy to distribute powder cocaine and malfeasance in office, authorities said.

Smith has been with the Pineville Police Department about nine years and had been a DARE officer about a year. DARE officers teach anti-drug, anti-alcohol and anti-violence lessons and work with children.

What’s really funny is this comment by a cop’s pissy wife to yesterday’s Times story about the teachers getting drunk with students:

What SCUM, just like a teacher!!!! You are seeing news stories almost weekly about teachers have sex with students and NOW they’re allowing them to drink!!!

I know, not all teachers are like these two, but why not blanket ALL TEACHERS as bad, like some do about law enforcement?? Just a thought!! Kind of pisses you off, doesn’t it??

Not really. And, generally, I distrust all government officials. Behavior from public officials like that of this cop and that of those teachers: 1) does not surprise me, and 2) is why the older I get, the more libertarian I am. Sorry, but I don’t trust any of them to look out for anyone’s best interests but their own.

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