Aftershock 36, Fuel 6

That’s women’s football, the Aftershock being Shreveport’s team, and the fuel Baton Rouge’s. We went to the game last night, (see some video here) not because I have any independent interest in it, but because we know some of the management.

Anyway, it was fun. It was not all that different than a game between decent high school teams. The execution was good, though the plays and defenses were simple. The speed was about the same as high school. The coaches looked like coaches: Tight pants and big bellies. They acted like coaches, too. After giving up a touchdown to fall behind by twenty in the first half, the Fuel fumbled the following kickoff. Even from our side of the field, you could clearly see the opposing coach’s clipboard fly through the air.

The only really defective part of the game was the one thing I would have guessed would be the equivalent of a men’s game. Neither team had any kind of kicking game. I don’t think anyone even tried a point after, and I had a hard time telling if the kickoffs were onsides kicks or just terrible kickoffs. Given that most of the time women try to make it to major college programs, it is as kickers, this surprised me. Other than that, though, they all played well.

So here’s some pics

The venue:

The stadium packed with excited fans:

Wait! Here’s some fans:

Those two are so dedicated, they even came to a practice last fall:

The team’s general manager:

And the head cheerleader:

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2 Comments on “Aftershock 36, Fuel 6”

  1. ATodd Says:

    Go Aftershock!!! Woo-woo!! Glad we had such cute and adorable fans at the game 🙂

  2. Steph Says:

    Cuteness. Wish I would have seen ya’ll there.

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