A Few Updates

In reverse order of my original posts . . .

One, explain to me, again, why Obama has to defend his association with Jeremiah Wright, but John McCain gets an all but free pass for relishing the endorsement of folks who: 1) call the catholic church a whore; 2) promise God is going to release terrorists on us if we don’t enact his policies in the middle east; 3) believe God killed thousands of people in New Orleans because of a parade that was scheduled to occur around the time of Katrina? I am not saying I agree with Wright. I am saying that every criticism of him and Obama applies with equal force to McCain and people like John Hagee. Loonies are loonies, no matter the party or color. If you slam Obama because of Wright, you better also slam McCain because of Hagee.

Two, in this post, I briefly mentioned I was glad Louisiana’s attempt to pass an anti-bullying statute failed. Here’s a great article mocking the fuzzy headed big business of anti-bully crusading. A sample:

In Edmonton, police asked the city council to enact bullying bylaws that would enable them to fine bullies up to $250–not just for stealing lunch money, but for “name-calling and intimidation.” Here at home, down in New Orleans, school officials have begun levying fines against the parents of kids who fight at school. In Costa Mesa, California, a school district decided that not only was teasing possible grounds for expulsion, but even glaring at a classmate in a threatening manner might get a student bounced.

In Hastings, Minnesota, prosecutor James Backstrom decided that a student who picked a fight or harassed another would be punished with at least one night in jail (one female bully has been locked up 13 times). Now that the hurly-burly of the playground has actually been criminalized, it stands to reason that all sorts of boutique bullying complaints would emerge. These days, stories abound of “e-bullying,” as well as “menace by mobile”–kids being bullied through messages left on their mobile phones (messages they’re encouraged to save against the event of litigation). . . .

Read enough of these stories–there are plenty more–and what a “reasonable person” might find offensive is not the prevalence of bullying, but the madness of those overcompensating to correct it in the anti-bullying movement.

Preach it, brother.

Three, rather than apologizing for her foolish behavior and trying to correct the situation, the employers of the principal who outed the gay couple are now circling the wagons. That kind of reaction, more than the initial problem, is what gets people sued.

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One Comment on “A Few Updates”

  1. Suzy-Q Says:

    We are in an agreement that Hagee and Wright are on the extreme side of their views. I think the fault that I have with Obama is, Obama choose Wright. The Black Panthers, Louis Farrakhan and Fidel Castro have all said that their choice is Obama. True, it’s alarming that they’d endorse Obama, and I have to step back and “wonder” why socialists and communists would support him. Where my wonder changes to legitimate concern is when Obama chooses a church and Rev that teaches Black Liberation Theology. And I really question Obama’s integrity when he sticks up for the man’s comments in a speech. Chalking it up to being taken out of context (which I’be heard the entire sermon Palm Sunday sermom and it doesn’t get any better) and too loud for the average white person to understand. Then he comes out a few weeks later and is appalled by the exact same comments he first condoned. When do we call a spade, a spade?

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