What My Book Will Be About

Or, about what my book will be, this is:

Shreveport police converged on a house in the Eden Gardens neighborhood early this morning looking for Robert McCoy, the suspected shooter behind Monday night’s triple slaying in Bossier City.

A former girlfriend of McCoy contacted Shreveport police about 6 a.m. today after she thought she heard Robert McCoy tapping on her bedroom window, according to police.

Officers searched the area around the woman’s home in the 8100 block of Grant Berry but didn’t find anything.

The woman’s tip is one of several that local and federal authorities have acted on since Monday when McCoy burst into a Bossier City apartment and killed his estranged wife’s parents and son.

The accused killer was on a rampage looking for his estranged wife, according to Bossier City police.

Maybe not that particular situation, but I’d love to be able to write a book about something similar. What is this guy thinking now? What kind of horrific regrets are going through his mind? How terrified is he that any second will be his last as a free man? Why did he commit a triple homicide? How does a person become a murderer? Why doesn’t he just kill himself now? Are his crimes justified in his own mind? Does he think he’ll escape? Does he think he can redeem himself? Does he have parents? Was he once a loved and treasured child? How does a couple go from love to murder?

I have no idea. I wish, though, that I had the creative talent to think up a character and let him show me some of the answers. Or else, I wish I knew of a good book that deals with some of these issues.

BTW, nothing in this post ought to be interpreted as indicating I support anything other than the maximum penalty allowed by law for this guy. I’d just like to explore his mindset, emotions, and motives.

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