The Next Two Days At School

What’s happening: Field day tomorrow, a class trip Monday. You now know as much as I, or any other teacher at my school, does about these events.

O.K., I’m exaggerating, I know the destination of the trip. I do not know, though: When we leave, what kids are going, what they can wear, what we’re eating and where, what teachers are going, what time we’ll be back, what we are doing at the destination, or anything else. Ditto field day: Don’t know when it starts, when it ends, what part of campus it is on, what events we’re having, what we’re supposed to wear, what the kids can wear, what we’re doing about food, whether parents and others can come, or anything else.

Why is this a problem? Three reasons. One, I need structure. I plan everything. Life’s too short to leave stuff to chance. Two, and more importantly, short of cattle prods, the ONLY way to control middle schoolers is rigorous structure. You would be stunned at how much chaos twenty thirteen year olds can cause in ten seconds of unstructured time. They must have something to do at all times. Three, when tomorrow explodes, it will be all the fault of the teachers, because, as we are constantly told, we are supposed to “expect the unexpected.”

Then again, this might be better than what usually happens with special events at my school. Probably half the stuff we are told in writing will happen either never does, or does but at a different time than when we were told. I know things will be insane tomorrow, when the rug gets pulled out from under you, though, you were expecting solid footing.

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