Pics From The Crazy Weather

We had 6.5 inches of rain between seven and ten last night, and similar amounts this morning. Here’s a few shots of our neighborhood.

The street in front of our house:

The duck park:

Good day for the ducks:

Pecans are yummy, but the trees are not the greatest thing to have in your yard:

The Times has pics here. All the Shreveport shots are within two miles of our house. The last one is the best, I think. My step sister’s fiance’s sister (got that?) was stranded on that bridge (or near there) last night. My step sister pushed the car out of the water.

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2 Comments on “Pics From The Crazy Weather”

  1. walt moffett Says:

    Hope you saved some of the pecan wood, good to put in the smoker.

  2. […] in S’port, we’re just expecting a lot of rain and some wind. We’ve been told that last May’s crazy weather is a good indicator of the potential flooding from […]

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