Why I Hate Republicans

During last year’s guber election, I said on more that one occasion that I would vote for Bobby Jindal if I believed anything he said about eliminating corruption and opening up the government. Looks like my cynicism was well founded, and his campaign promises were just what I though they were: Republican election speak. At least Democrats are honest about their faith in Government. Wrong, but honest.

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3 Comments on “Why I Hate Republicans”

  1. walt moffett Says:

    They do have a way of stepping on their own dangly bits.

    One thing you say about Edwards was he knew how to keep the voters amused and distracted.

  2. wheeler Says:

    he was a crook. but at least you knew he was a crook.

  3. Del Says:

    Isn’t Jindal being considered as McCain’s running mate? Maybe he’s just trying to show he’s up to current VP standards.

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