We’re Back

We enjoyed our trip, all 3,500 miles and three and a half weeks of it. I could say a lot about it, and might over the next few days, but for now all I’m going to do is give away an idea that I think would – if implemented – astronomically increase the sales of the vehicle in which my idea appears. What is it, you ask? Nothing Jetson-ish, instead, its something that is already in certain types of vehicles, just the wrong ones.

You know those screen things in limos? The ones that go up to block the sights and sounds of the back from reaching the driver? What I want to know is why no car exec has thought to put one of those in normal family vehicles. Think about it. Just before we left on our trip, some friends showed us their new van, which had two separate dvd players with individual wireless headsets. That’s great, but what’s the only point to all that technology? Keeping the kids quiet, of course. So why not save a bunch of money by just using something as simple as a soundproof barrier between front and back? Not only is it cheaper, but the kids will eventually get bored of even the best dvd’s. The barrier, though, remains sound proof for the whole trip. Raise it and drive in kid-free bliss for as long as you want. So simple, so perfect, why is this not in production? I love my kids, and they are generally pretty good in the car, but I’d be the first person to break the piggy bank if this ever became a reality.

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One Comment on “We’re Back”

  1. Steph Says:

    God only knows what you would find in the back seat once you reached your destination.

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