Not a middle distance run, but the amount of miles, in thousands, I have put on my bike since buying it in the winter of 2002. It probably has more than that, as I’ve not been very precise about updating the cyclocomputer between battery changes. And I’ve definitely ridden more miles than that, as I have another road bike and I go both ways (i.e., I enjoy a good mountain bike ride as much a road ride). But still, 15K is big. So here’s some stuff that stands out from the first 15K.

First the particulars from yesterday.

Where was I when I hit it? On Cross Lake Boulevard about ten miles into a thirty mile ride out to the lake and back.

On my ipod: Don’t remember the song, but it was Ramones Mania.

Weather: Sunny and hot, but not really hot.

In my saddle bag: Tube, patch kit, tire lever, five bucks.

In my water bottle: Water.

Now for the long view.

Number of voluntary parts upgrades: 0.

Number of parts I’ve replaced because the old ones broke: 0.

Number of new paint jobs: 1. My only complaint about the bike: the first paint job sucked. It flaked off all over the place. After some haggling, they agreed to repaint it, but that took almost two months.

Number of states in which I’ve ridden my bike: 11 (Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.).

Road which I’ve ridden in the most states: US 11, in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Number of crashes on my bike: 0.

Closest to crashing: There’s been several instances of inattentive drivers pulling in front of me, but the closest was my fault. I was coming down Shades Crest Road in B’ham (Vestavia, actually) towards Columbiana, doing about 30. Shades Crest kind of merges into Columbiana, and continues down Shades Mountain for about another mile. I wanted to hit Columbiana at high speed, so as to really fly down the rest. I hit the curve too fast, though, and swung out into traffic, nearly sideswiping a car. I think my arm actually did hit his mirror. All was well, though, as I managed to get it under control.

Most interesting other cyclist I’ve ever met while riding: On a ride in Arkansas once, I caught up to a guy on a recumbent who was in the middle of a ride from Washington State to Florida.

Most interesting wildlife I’ve seen from my bike: Either the bald eagle I saw here, or the Pileated Woodpecker I saw in B’ham.

Most interesting road kill: Alligator. In Florida.

Longest group ride: 114 Miles. This year’s Tour de Goodwill.

Longest solo ride: 75 miles. A roundabout trip to Mooringsport and back.

Number of steel bikes on our Saturday morning group ride: 1. Mine.

Highest speed I’ve ever reached: 49 mph. Not around here, obviously.

Amount of money I’ve spent on bike racks so I can bring my bike with me on all vacations: About $800.00.

Dollars in therapy saved by having bike with me on trips to in-laws: Thousands.

Additional miles I plan to ride my bike: As many as it wants.

Favorite ride: The next one.


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6 Comments on “15K”

  1. Mom Says:

    I know the answer – it’s parked in front of the little coffee shop in B’ham! And, I’m glad you didn’t need the road bike to stay sane while visiting here…..or did you??

  2. draftsonyou Says:

    Congrats, Sr. Hinault, on your recent milestone! Be proud of what you have accomplished, not just on your odometer, but also for your heart. Plus, you could be held responsible for my endeavors as well, namely bike commuting to work.

    Went on only my 2nd group ride in Tally, last Sunday. Started okay, and then about 2 minutes into a 36 mi ride, the girl in front of me loses a bottle out of her seatpost holder (I immediately remembered your story). As I was cussing triathletes, and about 2 minutes later, another chick in front of me blows a tire. Out of chivalry, I stop (alone) to help. No sooner than I notice the aero bars, she says ” I don’t have a tube.” Patiently, I get mine out and unroll it. Next, she has no air. Now I have just traded in my pump for a CO2, and I chamber it for her while she is trying to stuff my 700 c tube into her 650 c rim. Alas, I have had it. I was only at the back of the large 50 + group to blow snot rockets and drink. Never again. Spent the next two hours trying to climb back on, but never did. Although, I have to credit her with probably the fastest solo ride of my life.

  3. wheeler Says:

    “As I was cussing triathletes”

    no kidding. i love that second one. don’t want to add precious grams to your tri bike, so just assume some other sucker will stop and help you out. geez.

  4. draftsonyou Says:

    Just got my August edition of Bicycling. Great comments on triathletes by Style Man!!

  5. Sara P. Says:

    Thanks for the read. You should check out http://www.OurPlaybook.com which is a new community for sports fans of both pro and college sports.

  6. […] Near Misses About a month ago, I noted that I have never wrecked on my road bike. I still haven’t but I have had these three […]

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