The Ultimate Duathalon

I came up with the idea this morning during the local Firecracker 5k.

I had never run a 5k before today, generally thinking the short distance of the event did not justify the hassle of getting to it. In other words, I never wanted the spend an hour going to and from a race that lasts (for me) less than 25 minutes. And it isn’t even a real workout. 3.1 miles is something to do after work when you only have a few minuted to get out, or else need an easy recovery day. Days off are just too precious to spend on something so insignificant.

Today’s run, though, was close enough to the house that we could ride our bikes to it. That made what would otherwise be wasted time in the car an enjoyable and profitable experience. Not only is the bike ride fun, but it gets you warmed up for the run. The ride home then becomes the perfect cool down. So I decided to do the race.

Both of us were running it, and that meant that unless we wanted to find a babysitter, the kids had to come with us. This lead to my great idea for a new sporting event. We have a bike trailer that also converts into a jogging stroller. I towed the kids there, then switched it to jogging mode for the race, then switched back for the ride home. Here’s my idea: A duathalon in which the first leg is a bike ride with a kid trailer, then the second part is a run pushing the same trailer.

How awesome would that be? No sissy transitions from just bike shoes to running shoes. Oh no, you have to unhitch the trailer and convert it to a jogger before taking off on the run.  For a serious test, there could be a parenting element, like requiring a diaper change mid ride, or filling a sippy cup on the go. Until it caught on, I suppose it would be an open event: Singles, doubles, ages, weights, everyone competes in one class. Later, though, you could break it down by single and double, or just weight, or both. You could even do handicap races. Strong riders or runners get extra weight in the trailer. If it got big enough, maybe it would lead to a whole new class of quick conversion trailers. Truly, this would be the ultimate event.

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2 Comments on “The Ultimate Duathalon”

  1. Nick Says:

    Ran across your blog due to your linking to me.

    The comment about never having run a 5k because it’s too short made me laugh. I ran track and CC at UL-Lafayette, and always prefered the longer distances.. 5 mile cross-country, 10k, 10 mile races.

  2. wheeler Says:

    i probably ought to have clarified that i like the longer distances better because then i’m not so ashamed of my slow pace. 🙂

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