And Now The Other Side Of The Racial Spectrum

In the last post, I expressed my disgust for anyone who fawned over the dead body of Jesse Helms.

In this one, I provide an example of the type of whining that makes whites want to listen sympathetically to people like Jesse Helms:

The Congressional Black Caucus has joined criticism of the bill that would let the Food and Drug Administration regulate tobacco products, complaining about the omission of menthol, disproportionately favored by black smokers, from its list of prohibited cigarette flavors.

Right. Giving you MORE freedom is racist. How Jim Crow of them to let people make up their own minds about smoking menthols. And the only possible reason that the bill omits menthol is that Congress wants to get the black man; couldn’t possibly be that the folks who make menthol cigarettes, and make lots of money off them, are sharing their funds with Congress.

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2 Comments on “And Now The Other Side Of The Racial Spectrum”

  1. walt moffett Says:

    Y’know it almost sounds like they want the bill to die. Might be fun to look up campaign contributions, speech fees, etc.

  2. Suzy-Q Says:

    Ugh, menthol!? I say that if anyone enjoys sucking that stuff down into their lungs, they’re more than asking for it. Makes me want to choke and cough just thinking about it. Anyway, “boo!” to the Nanny State.

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