How Much Money Would You Take To Spend 26 Years In Jail?

I’m sure it would be more than this:

The check is in the mail — well, almost — for a Vernon Parish man who spent almost 26 years in prison for a Sabine Parish rape he didn’t commit.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has approved a $150,000 appropriation from the state’s budget for Rickey Johnson, 52, who was freed in January from Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola after DNA tests confirmed he is not the man who raped a Many woman in July 1982.

Johnson got the good news Wednesday during an informal meeting in Many with state Rep. Frankie Howard, D-Hornbeck, who authored the legislation that secured the compensation. State law provides $15,000 for each year a wrongfully convicted person spends in prison, with a cap of $150,000.

That’s shameful. Even if this was an “innocent” wrongful conviction – one absent crooked cops and DA’s, one caused by no more than human error – the best and most productive years of this guy’s life are only worth $150,000? All those years of work, marriages, graduations, holidays, family, worth that little? That seems like an insult. A penny thrown at the guy to make him go away.

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