“Help, Help I’m Being Repressed”

In today’s times, Jay Sekulow whines like a two year old:

Religious leaders are muzzled by the IRS law. While they can speak out for themselves in their “individual capacity,” they are barred from either supporting or opposing a political candidate in their role as head of a tax-exempt organization. . . .

That’s absurd. The prohibition makes no sense and has far-reaching implications. It censors pastors in the pulpit. And it turns the IRS, which was originally designed to collect revenue for the general treasury, into the “speech police.”

Religious leaders not only have a constitutional right to address the moral issues of the day — many believe they have a responsibility to do so. And, pastors should have the ability to speak out from the pulpit — and support or oppose a political candidate based on where the candidate stands on the issues.

That, folks, is called a persecution complex. No one is muzzling pastors. They are perfectly free to endorse a candidate from the pulpit. The church will just have to pay taxes like every other organization if they do so. This is not coercion. These churches have a choice: A lower tax bill or the ability to endorse candidates. If you don’t like the limits on free speech, pay the tax bill. It’s that simple.

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2 Comments on ““Help, Help I’m Being Repressed””

  1. For truth abt Sekulow put him in our search engine.

  2. walt moffett Says:

    Or do like the Catholic Bishops and give a set of principles that a slate of candidates just happen to meet.

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