A Bike Post

“Random” is a blogging cliche. Instead, here’s an assortment of bicycle related stuff.

First, over in the links, under “Bike Stuff” I’ve added links to some S’port area rides, both road and mountain. I’ve ridden at least part of most of them, so if you want more information, let me know.

Second, it’s hot outside. We did 75 miles yesterday, about 60 of which was enjoyable. Around that point I noticed that I had chill bumps even though it was about 95 degrees outside. Yup. Dehydration. Soon afterwards I lost all power. What had been a nice 20-22 mph cruise became a 14-15 mph death march. Thankfully it happened close to home and two other riders were kind enough to escort me. Or I gave them an excuse to slow down and relax. Either way, I appreciated the company. I got home just before I started talking about all the pretty colors. Once there, I drank half a bottle of apple juice and ate a bag of potato chips. After that, all was well.

Third, just to prove that what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, I did a 50 mile solo route this morning. Nice ride, though a bit windy.

Fourth, generally, my opinion is that you can never have too many bikes. I own five: My regular roadie, my extra roadie, my mountain bike, my errand running, pull the kids in the trailer beater, and the tandem. Bike Snob NYC , perhaps the greatest bike blogger, though, thinks you can have too many bicycles. He might be right, but I still think I’m o.k. All my bikes serve unique purposes. The roadies can’t go on the trail. The mountain bike can go on the road, but not for long. Not comfortably or fast, at least. The beater is for rides when I don’t want to put on the cycling regalia – especially the shoes – and don’t want to be in the aggressive position of the other bikes. The tandem, obviously, is sui generis. The closest my collection comes to excessiveness is my extra roadie, which I bought a few years ago while my regular one was in the shop. That certainly sounds ridiculous, but in my defense: 1) my bike was going to be in the shop for six weeks; 2) that was six weeks of perfect spring weather that I really needed to use for training for my favorite century; 3) the bike, which I bought for a hundred bucks, was a really nice 1994 Trek 2300 that originally retailed for $1,500. Still, even if I have too many bikes, my car is eight years old, so I don’t feel too self indulgent.

Fifth and totally unrelated to cycling, I am unbelievably sick of Brett Favre. It’s always been annoying watching Packers games and having to endure the man crush every freakin’ announcer on every network has on him. All you ever hear is what a competitor he is, how he’s a certain hall of famer, what a leader he is. Meanwhile he’s 10/30 with three interceptions. Then last season was the year long love fest before he retired. I only made it because I though “at least he’ll be gone after this year.” But it’s now been five moths and HE JUST WILL NOT GO AWAY. I can not even remember the last time I watched SportsCenter without hearing something about Brett Favre. Just go away already. Please.

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