Neighborhood Walkability

Here’s the calculator. The score will be from one to a hundred, with a bigger number being a better score. Your score depends on how close your house is to stuff like parks, schools, groceries, libraries, restaurants and that sort of thing. Terrain, sidewalks and weather are not factors. (More info here). So far, I’ve checked the following:

My dad’s house in suburban NJ: 37 (Would be higher if it counted proximity to wayward dolphins.)

Our old house in B’ham: 40 (Would be lower, if sidewalks and terrain were figured in)

Our current house in S’port: 57 (Contra B’ham, would be higher if terrain and sidewalks figured in. Also they missed a school and a park. But they did not count weather, either, which this time of year would have really hurt the score.)

My sister’s house in Virginia: 2 (Too bad it doesn’t count deer stands within walking distance.)

And in a surprise for no one who has been there, my mom’s house: 0

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5 Comments on “Neighborhood Walkability”

  1. Sara Says:

    We’re a 9, and I think that’s generous.

  2. Mom Says:

    If there were points for walking to the corn field, or the creek or to see the chickens, or the goat….or even points for being able to walk to our mailbox….we would be on that LIST but Truth be known that “0” rating will make my husband very happy.

  3. draftsonyou Says:

    We’re only at 28 over here, and that weather thing would really help us. It seems clear that the person who designed this calculator is an urbanite with a jaded perspective of “walking value.” For if you are walking for exercise or peace of mind, you would have to give great value to the chickens and the goat! And sure, you can get whatever you want in NYC on foot within 3 blocks, but your lungs are gonna hurt from all the smog.

  4. wheeler Says:

    you also have the extra weight from the firearms you need to protect yourself.

  5. A Todd Says:

    Ours is 43. I think it should be higher, but I’m still proud.

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