Straight Talk From John McCain

Two quotes about the federal housing bailout.

First, the POTUS candidate who’s usually accused of being the smooth talker:

I’m heartened that the President has decided to support this bipartisan bill that will help ensure that mortgages remain affordable for American families and to prevent hundreds of thousands home foreclosures. In the months since this housing package was announced, nearly a million additional families have faced foreclosure, and our economy has continued to deteriorate. We cannot wait for a million more foreclosures before taking additional action to help struggling families and strengthen our economy. That’s why I’ve also proposed a second stimulus of at least $50 billion with energy rebates for families struggling with high gas prices, relief for states facing budget cuts, and additional measures to protect homeowners from foreclosure.

Could not disagree more, but at least he said what he meant.

Now, John McCain:

Americans should be outraged at the latest sweetheart deal in Washington. Congress will put U.S. taxpayers on the hook for potentially hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It’s a tribute to what these two institutions — which most Americans have never heard of — have bought with more than $170-million worth of lobbyists in the past decade.

What’s so bad about that? Nothing on its face. I even agree with him. Except that Mr. Straight Talker voted in favor of the bailout!

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One Comment on “Straight Talk From John McCain”

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