Another Taser Death

This one might result in murder charges:

A grand jury in central Louisiana will weigh criminal charges against a former police officer who is accused of jolting a handcuffed man nine times with a Taser before the suspect died, a prosecutor announced Monday. . . .

Former Winnfield police officer Scott Nugent has acknowledged using the 50,000-volt Taser on [21 year old Baron] Pikes while arresting him Jan. 17 on a drug possession warrant, Nevils said.

I found a few interesting things about this.

First, tasers kill people all the time, even though they are marketed as a non-lethal weapon. In other words, it is not that unusual to read about people getting killed for actions that do not seem to justify deadly force. Normally, it is not the cop’s fault. They were using the taser in a situation the taser is supposed to be used: one calling for less than deadly force. The problem is that the taser did something it is not supposed to do.

Second, this case is not the usual taser death. Usually it’s one shot, but the victim had some kind of medical history. Nine times? That sounds excessive, and death looks foreseeable. Then add the fact that the victim was already hadcuffed, and this starts to look really bad.

Third, I’m a cycnic, but I find the most shocking stunning amazing thing about this case is that the cop was fired.

Fourth, note the horrific crime that resulted in this guy’s death: Drug possession.

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