You Know You’re In For Long Ride

When you show up at the ride start and find nothing but members of the local racing club.

Sure enough, I got my butt kicked today. Not only was this really fast ride – for me, not the racers – but it was long, too, ending up as seventy five miles. I rode well for the first 35 miles, taking my turns up front and having no problems staying with the group. Then one of my regular riding buddies dropped off the back. I slowed up and waited for him. Partly because I didn’t want to leave him out by himself, but also as an excuse to slow down. This loop has a store stop at about mile 40, and we caught the group there. After that, I hung on for another 15 miles or so before I fell off the back. Returning the favor, the guy I had waited for slowed for me. Then we suffered together for the rest of the ride.

Getting dropped always hurts. You drop because you’re in too much pain to keep up with the group. But the big injury is to your pride. This one wasn’t that bad, though. These guys weren’t going all out, but they’re still the strongest riders in town. So getting dropped by that group isn’t so bad.  That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

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2 Comments on “You Know You’re In For Long Ride”

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    Oh, yea? Well, did you get yelled at? I went out on a local ride yesterday too. Found myself pulling WAY too early on (big group), dropped off the back of the first two groups b/c I was melting. Then worked together with a girl, a guy in a t-shirt, and a dude on a single speed, and eventually a couple chubby guys to form a respectable third group. But I got yelled at for coasting. I thought they were just hanging out, so when I passed on a “downhill”, I got aero just in time to hear “head up, Dude.” Later the girl would ask me if I “rode much in groups.” It always hurts to be lectured, but especially by a girl. Then she told me that the dude on the single speed was on the race squad. That made me feel a little bit better, even though he only had one gear. (Oh, and he was on a steel Gunnar)

  2. wheeler Says:

    if you passed going downhill it’s because they were going too slow.

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