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Perspective, Please?

August 3, 2008

Recent anti-marriage equality rehtoric:

The primary focus of the call was Proposition 8 in California, described by [Chuck] Colson as “the Armageddon of the culture war.” Many speakers invoked the language of warfare, raising up an army of believers, putting soldiers in the streets, being on the front lines of a battle. Lou Engle actually described a massive rally planned in Qualcomm stadium on November 1 as a “blitzkrieg moment.”

See, they can’t get mad if you call them Nazis; they’re labelling themselves.

This is my favorite, though:

Another speaker, Rev. Dudley Rutherford, predicted that if Prop. 8 fails, the God-ordained institution of marriage would be destroyed; the engine of hate crimes legislation would be fueled, ultimately leading to it being illegal to read some sections of the Bible; the floodgates would be open to gay couples suing to force churches to marry them; and the polygamists would be next.

Oh my gosh! What’s next? “Cats and dogs, living together!” Come on, Massachussetts has had gay marriage for years. New Jersey and Vermont have the next best thing, civil unions. Has any of this happened in those states? How about Scandanavia, where they’ve had marriage equality for almost two decades?

Seventeen years after recognizing same-sex relationships in Scandinavia there are higher marriage rates for heterosexuals, lower divorce rates, lower rates for out-of-wedlock births, lower STD rates, more stable and durable gay relationships, more monogamy among gay couples, and so far no slippery slope to polygamy, incestuous marriages, or “man-on-dog” unions.

But I waste my time. People like Colson and Rutherford don’t want the truth; they just want their way.