My Bikes Are Trying To Keep Me From Having More Children

Why? I don’t know. I still ride almost as much as in the pre-kid days. Kids mean I won’t be buying any new bikes for a long time, but that’s a reason my bikes ought to want me to have kids. New bike means less time on old bike. So I don’t know the reason.

How? Well, I mentioned the first attempt here. Today was a second. Wanting to enjoy the cool weather (high was only 97 today, yippee), but leery of the high winds that came with the “cold” front, I went for a mountain bike ride this afternoon. I rode to the Stoner Trails, about three miles from my house. I blissfully looped along the first third of my planned route, thinking to myself what a fantastic day it was for a ride, even in August. Overcast skies, breezes and shade kept the temps down, other trail users had eliminated the cobwebs, and dedicated mountain bikers had obviously been working on the trail, which was in great shape. All was well as I picked up the portion of the trail along the river, a section I planned to ride down to Hamel’s at the South end of Clyde Fant. Then I hear a crack at about the same time my butt lands almost on my back tire. As a result of this fall, had I shouted, my voice would have been much higher pitched than usual. What happened? My seat snapped off of the post. It did not feel good.

The Culprit

Once able, I examined the bike to find the cause. I first thought the seat rails might have failed, but they were fine. Then I checked the clamp that holds the seat to the post. It was fine too. Except for the bolt that tightens the clamp and holds it together. That had snapped at the head. No idea why. It was old, but I was going slowly over a very soft section of trail. It’s not like I was bombing through a rock garden. It’s not my weight, either. A friend of mine is fond of saying that I’m the type of guy who could probably take a bath in a garden hose.

In Some States, You Can be Arrested for Riding Stuff Like This

Now I had to decide what to do. I carry nothing but a tube and patch kit, so repairs were out of the question. I had my cell, but calling for a ride is weak. That left no option but to stuff my seat into my jersey pocket and ride home standing up. It wasn’t bad physically; my house is less than three miles from the trail. I wanted to explain my situation to everyone I passed, though. With that bare post erect behind me, I had to look like some kind of freak, about to my kicks off a bicycle in the middle of the road. Thankfully it was less than three miles.

The Big Box O'Bike Parts

After getting home, I broke out the big box o’bike parts, in which I was almost positive I had a seat clamp or two. I did indeed have them, and one had a bolt to fit my bike. After about ten minutes of work, all was well. My voice is even back to normal.

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2 Comments on “My Bikes Are Trying To Keep Me From Having More Children”

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    You and Jens. Same thing happened to him on the Champs-Elysees (sp?) about 4 laps from the line. And he’s such a man, you’re in good company.

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